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Human Connections- Belonging

So what is about the embrace of the other that begs of us to ask questions about
human connection? Connection is a term, which only resonates with us when we are
no longer afraid of being vulnerable. Connection draws us to it because it answers our
deepest and most important questions. At what point do I, as a human being, made in
the image and likeness of God come to understand that ultimately it is all about
human relationships? Do I become aware of this reality when I am at my weakest or
do I come to understand it when I am finally content?

Human beings are complex creatures, yet at their core, all they truly desire is
simplicity – it is to know that they are valued, needed and loved. Once we accomplish
this self worth, we find that we are no longer searching or wanting the things we once
did but instead we begin to desire the warmth that comes from belonging to the other.
Because belonging comes from the discovery that “I belong,” because I am called to
belong, and that human relationships are at the heart of my very existence. I belong
because the other belongs to me.

Human connection has a profound way of creating in us a heart that is made for
others. God’s only desire is to draw us closer to each other. We often become
immersed in the idea that we are living for God, and this somehow encourages a
preconceived idea that God is controlling our lives – which of course is not true. God
from the very beginning, placed us with each other, and made certain that we are to
remain with each other. When you’re in love with others they reveal to you the heart
of God and what it is like to fall in love with creation and know that you belong to it.


“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” Blessed Mother Teresa.

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