Worthy is Love

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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
Marianne Williamson

I wonder if, somewhere grounded in our hearts, our deepest fear is of Love.

I wonder if it is the fear of not being adequate or worthy of this divine Love, that whispers cunningly to our weak hearts, is heard louder in the midst of darkness, and makes us believe that we are insignificant, that we are abandoned, that our love is as worthless as specks of dust are to the universe.

Sometimes, we are hurt. And sometimes, we hurt the ones we love. Because we are human, and we wonder, ‘Am I really worthy of love?’

Sometimes, it scares us how much Love finds us worthy, and we ourselves don’t even find ourselves worthy.

It is much more “realistic” for us to believe that we were not made for a never-fading, a never-failing, and a never-dying love for all of eternity. It is easier to believe our hearts were not made for His sacred fire. And it is easier to shy away from Love’s light – a light that glows so true and so pure, that it blinds the eyes of those who search restlessly to grab onto it with their own two hands.

For even with all your might and all your strength, you cannot capture Love. Love holds you. And it will forever. It is not about our worthiness, but our embrace.

Nor should you seek Him with a heart of stone and a mind of careful calculations, trying desperately to attain Love without first letting your heart open up.

Love is free. It needs neither your permission nor your administration. Love is God’s holy wind that unceasingly and joyously directs your path. He is not a fleeting thing, but makes all things fleeting when you are with Him.

Though we are frightened of “our light” – the Love implanted within us – if we refuse to share it, it could burn us. If we give it, unconditionally, it warms and nurtures. It liberates us all from slavery.

I wonder how beyond this fear of being inadequate for Love, lies a much more severe and insidious fear of the power of Love. It seems as if Love is an infinity. It is stronger than time and space. It surpasses all things, heals all wounds, and brings into existence new life!

But Love itself understands and crowns our smallness. It is not about our worthiness. It is Love that is worthy.

At times, it feels like Love lives in us, because we show Love through our actions, our words, and thoughts.

But perhaps, it is that we live in Love. He is beyond us. He does not need us to make Him powerful, or give Him meaning, or defend Him. But rather, we need Him. For we were made in Him, by and with Him… all for Him. It is in Him, that we are beyond measure. It is with Him, that we are never abandoned. It is for Him, that we love and are loved.

“… and like the sap of a young tree, let the grace from within sustain us. Let us carve gems out of our stony hearts and let them light our path to Love. The glance of Love is crystal clear and we are blessed by its light.” Rumi

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