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Someone asked me the other day, “Where can I find the answers?” But the real question he was asking was, “Why can’t I find the answers?”

I thought about what to say as a friend with full knowledge of the pain and suffering he endured, but nothing really seemed to suffice or compensate for what he was going through. I couldn’t give him the reply he wanted off me.

Sometimes I think, we wish we could take matters into our own hands. We really wish that we could switch on and off feelings and thoughts, and control and robotize our lives. Sometimes we subconsciously mislead ourselves to believe that we are machines, and we can be in command of everything that happens, to others, and to us.

I think, it is important to remind ourselves that we are human.

‘To be human’ is a notion that can surpass all manifestations of beauty. It is strong and yet, vulnerable; glistening and dull; both perfect and imperfect; both freeing and enslaving.

To live is to be human.

Everyone goes through pain and suffering in their own way. And sometimes, we understand much of it, and at other times we don’t understand it at all.
The thing is, we weren’t and aren’t made to “fix” everything. As we cannot force time to move at a faster or slower rate, we cannot fight the vulnerabilities of being human.

Perhaps it is wiser to embrace these vulnerabilities, and to let waves of emotion, fear and distortion, carry you throughout the phases of your life. After all, were we not created with these things? Not that we should try to improve, or grow, or lead ourselves on a more fruitful, a holier path. That is God’s intention, of course. Rather, we allow suffering to embrace us. It is reciprocal too – we embrace our suffering. We enable the grace of God to lead us through it, and not without it.

Do not be afraid of being human, for it is His greatest masterpiece.

“We’re all falling… And yet there is Someone, whose hands infinitely calm, holding up all this falling.”
Raine Maria Rilke

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