The voice of Silence

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Can you imagine living in silence?
And hearing nothing except for your own voice?
Would you stop talking, or would you want nothing but to hear your voice? What if it was the only
sound you heard?

Do you know that silence penetrates the soul?

I am convinced that there is something about silence, and the more we attune to it, the more we realise that it is not really an absence. There has always been a presence, and all the more, it is fortifying. It contains strength.
Silence is a voice.

I believe that the more we live in our worries, the more we desire silence. Have you ever wondered

People in my life, as well as myself, have been shaken by many voices in their hearts, very familiar to them, but almost difficult to stop.
I have had many nights where I have struggled to keep myself from thinking too much, and then I wake up the next morning, carrying a heavier brain… as though the thinking did not stop while I was fast asleep.

When we are troubled by the world, and seek a voice that alleviates our anxiety, our pains, and our nervousness… even our questions… I think we are more intimidated by silence. Some of us struggle to find it, and that is not our fault. But essentially, the silence awaits us. We refuse to enter into silence, as much as we might crave it.
I’ve questioned why that is.

If you want my opinion, it is this: silence is not very comforting at first. It is, to us, not a voice. And we’re so used to voices, opinions, advice, words, music… something that we know. Something of certainty. Something that makes us feel, or act… so we can keep moving.

Silence is like a gap. A space to enter where there can be no earthly penetration – no voice can speak of silence without breaking it.
So silence is, as it appears, an absence. A space where the next is not known.

Here I stand in silence. And I want you to know that it is not a vacancy. It is a space for you and for me.

This is the way in which we will make an encounter.

When we step into silence, though we are boundless in the presence of God, we are also made free. Now I see that freedom is so important in so many ways, especially in this day and age. Most people believe that freedom is there for them to take. And they’re ready. But freedom from yourself may only live in a silent place.

Silence is a voice. God’s eternal voice lies within time and space, for us, so we may find peace. And peace I cherish as the greatest of freedoms in this life.

And yet when God calls me into silence, sometimes I feel hesitant, or unwilling.
But I know it is there that I will obtain what I seek.

My internal self begins to speak.
My heart begins to beat.

There is so much more to say about living in deep silence. It involves patience. It requires drowning out your voice, and really listening. It also contains something profound – a way of revering God.

But I speak enough. All I want you to know is that silence is necessary.
It is our rest, and He makes it a promise.

I will speak to you in ways you never knew. Just listen to My heartbeat… Wait for Me.


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